Saturday, March 29, 2008

How-to #2: Fixing that busted office chair.

Difficulty: Easy.

Everybody has them well, at least one of them. How many office chairs do you have that are in need of repair? There are two in our garage alone. Granted, those are waaay beyond help, but I'd be willing to bet that there is a squeak or wobble in the chair that you're sitting in right now.

Guess what? You don't have to live this way. Here are a couple easy tips on getting that chair of yours back in shape. Think about it, no more stretching back and wondering if that rickety chair is about to send you ass over teakettle...

So I just fixed my girlfriend's chair a few minutes before this post. It was very easy. The problem was a missing screw, which caused the back to basically hang there ready to fall off.

The solution was simple. All it needed was another screw. Anna went off to the local hardware store with the one good screw to find a match. She was able to find it without any problems, and now the chair is as good as new again.

The chair that I'm sitting on right now is actually a repair job. I bought this "broken" chair from my old roommate for $5. It's a nice chair that was probably about $75-100 brand new. The only problem was the back was pretty much hanging by one screw (I'm starting to think this is a common problem in office chairs).

Again, one trip to the hardware store solved this problem. The screws didn't quite have a big enough head on them, so I MacGyver'ed some washers out of beer bottle tops.

So why not stretch back and spin a few circles? Does that chair of yours need some work?

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GlassDaddyJim said...

great blog dude! the bottle cap washers!.. very creative :-)