Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Collegiate Handyman's X-Mas Wishlist

I'm sure I'll be editing this later, but here it goes.

My Christmas wishlist:

Robogrip pliers
These are awesome for, well, grabbing things. A good pair (or two) of pliers is essential for any handyman. I've used these before and I really like them. One nice feature is that you can use them with one hand. A lot of other similar pliers require a second hand to adjust the jaw size.

A 48" level
You usually don't need a level all that often, but when you need one, you really need one. Looking around my room, I can see a few things that I probably should have used a level on. Sure, I have a 12" level, but at least a 48" type is needed for anything larger than a picture frame.

Take special care with a good level. For one, they are pretty pricey, but more importantly, they are easy to damage. One good drop can ruin one. What good is a level that isn't level?

A chisel set
Chisels used to be a woodworker's best friend. A sharp chisel to a woodworker was like a sharp knife to a chef.

Chisels may be used less with powertools so common, but there are certainly times when a sharp chisel can do a really good job. Plus, a hammer and chisel can really vent some frustration.

A variety of sized comes in handy.

It's important to keep chisels sharp. When they are dull, you end up forcing things and that can get dangerous. Which leads me to the next item...

Sharpening blocks
A good set of sharpening blocks will pay for themselves after just a few uses. It's essential to have sharp knives and chisels.

Don't forget, these can just as easily sharpen your kitchen knives.

It really is safer to have sharp knives and chisels. This is a great investment.

Gift card
Of course, you can't go wrong with a gift card!

Yes, it's a little impersonal, but when the recipient is running through the store like they're on a shopping spree, it's all worth it.

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