Wednesday, November 5, 2008

DIY Shower Curtain

Here's a little background. I live in a basement. I have my own bathroom. It is gross (to be fair, it was gross before I moved in). I have a tiny cubicle of a shower that's about 3 feet square. It has no shower door.

Within a few days of moving in, I realized some sort of containment system for the water spraying everywhere would be nice. So what I did was cut upon a nice big trash bag and hang it from a bar that goes across the opening where a door would be. This worked fine but it doesn't do anything to help the grossness of the bathroom, granted, it does keep most of the water contained in the shower.

Well tonight I decided I would class things up a bit.
Needed are a tape measure, an utility knife, a large piece of plastic (this is important. I used the plastic bag that came with a new mattress) and if you're really classy, some magnets to hold your new "door" closed. Oh, you'll need a hot-melt glue gun, also.

Like most projects, it begins with some measurements. Note: you can see my old system here. It worked fine, but I suppose it was gross, and a little creepy.

This is the mess of a plastic bag that I had to work with. Cutting it was a pain. I'd suggest making rough cuts and then making it precise, or as precise as you care to make a DIY shower curtain...

Hot-melt glue guns are awesome. Sure, this one is a little small, but it works fine. Use a few drops of glue to tack together the plastic to make a sort of tube that you can slip through the bar across the opening. Well, assuming you have that. Of course, assuming that you are actually using this as a guide to make a DIY shower curtain. In which case, I hope you aren't. You should probably just go buy a shower curtain. But anyway, let's see how this ends.

Here it is. The picture isn't too great, but it's a DIY plastic shower curtain; what did you expect?

This took me maybe 10 minutes. If I gave it a good 12 minutes I'm sure it could be much better. I wasn't too precise on the cutting.

It is held shut by two little magnets glued to the curtain and the frame on either side.

I think it will work nicely. A black trash bag was so depressing. Maybe now I can take a shower and imagine that I'm not living in a basement. But hey, at least it's not my parents' basement, right?

Well, they would at least have a shower door, so I guess that's a toss up.

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