Monday, September 26, 2011

Home Depot Special Buy of the Day

Home Depot recently started doing a "special buy of the day" program. It looks like it's similar to all those other deal of the day type sites.

Today, they have a toilet on sale. Now I'm not very current on my toiled prices, but it looks like this could be a good deal. Personally, I'll be waiting for tool deals.

Here is the link to the Special Buy of the Day.

Has anyone seen any good tool deals on here, or any other DotD-type sites?

A couple weeks back they had a deal on a Milwaukee M12 XC (that's eXtended Capactiy) battery. This has twice the juice as the normal batteries. I picked one up for about $40, while the usual going rate is $70 or so. My guess is they were trying to unload their stock of these, as it looks like they've replaced them with the newer "Red" lithium type. 

I didn't like that I couldn't just go to the store and pick it up, as is the case with some online purchases. It's frustrating to have two Home Depot stores within 15 miles of me and having to wait a good week and a half for it to arrive in the mail. Complaints aside, I feel like I got a good deal.

Below is a running list of notable items. Many of the items thus far haven't been very appealing to me, such as outdoor furniture, plumbing fixtures, and tile, but it looks like there were some pretty good deals.

Notable items:
Milwaukee M12 XC battery - $40
Ridgid 12v Jobmax (refurbished) - $50 (if I recall correctly)

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