Thursday, October 20, 2011

Milwaukee M12 Tool Deals

I think I'm going to be a big fan of Milwaukee's M12 line of tools. A few weeks ago, I bought the 3/8 inch drill on a pretty good sale (it came free with the electrical fork meter for $99). I love that drill. It doesn't have the power of my 18 volt drill (obvsiously, 12 < 18), but it can easily handle 90% of my drilling needs.

Since I bought the drill, I've been looking for a good deal on the impact driver. Yesterday, I noticed some of Milwaukee's M12 line of power tools had a bit of a price drop, including that driver. I almost pulled the trigger, then I noticed an even better deal!

I did some checking, and here are some pretty good deals I've found. I don't know how new these deals are, but they aren't bad. If you're in the market for M12 tools, take a look here at Home Depot, as well as places like Amazon,, and Google's shopping search tool. Note, these seem to be sale prices, but they aren't advertised as sales with Home Depot. Compare them to the "tool only" versions and you'll see how good of a deal they are.

M12 hammer drill, impact driver, and free multi-tool!
First, the kit I just bought. This comes with the 3/8" hammer drill, impact driver, and a free multi-tool, all for $199. I haven't gotten a good chance to try everything out, but I'm trying my best to think up some projects I can use these on this weekend. This is a great deal for $199. It comes with two Red lithium batteries, which are the newer model that promises even better performance. Here is the LINK. Oh, and make sure you are getting the one with the free multi-tool!
Update: As of October 23rd, it looks like the deal is no longer available online. It may still be available in stores, however. 

Next up, we have the impact driver by itself, HERE for $99. Again, make sure you're getting the right one. This one is the full kit with two batteries, charger, and a case. They are also selling the "tool only" version, with you guessed it, just the tool, for the same price!

Similar to the deal above, HERE is the Hackzall kit for $99. Again, this is the kit with case, batteries, charger, etc. This is the same price as the tool only version, so be careful (I'm not writing much about this because I'm trying to resist buying one!)

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