Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ceiling Fan Fix.

Our bathroom kind of sucks. Well, that's not fair, it's the whole house that kind of sucks, but the bathroom notably sucks. First of all, when I moved in, it was covered in mold. Three girls use the bathroom, and they could somehow tolerate it. I couldn't.

Not long after I eradicated most of the mold (can't do much with the stuff that was clearly painted over; thanks, Slumlords), a much-needed, working bathroom fan was finally put in. A large part of the problem was the lack of a fan, specifically, the fact that all the humidity just stayed there after a shower.

So this was what the landlord provided. As you might imagine, the Collegiate Handyman is not impressed. Instead of a gaping hole in the ceiling, an exhaust fan now 'mostly' resides there. It doesn't quite fill the gap that the old fan filled.

I also suspected those gaps on the sides were affecting the efficiency of the fan. But then again, if I know my landlord, it's likely that is the cheapest fan anyone makes. It's probably intended for a much smaller room. I'd guess a porta-potty.

A quick trip to the local hardware store got me a six-foot strip of pre-painted mdf trim. I had a few problems with getting the 45 degree angles to fit together nicely. It seems my motto is "measure once, cut a bunch of times" instead of the more tried and true "measure twice, cut once."

A little bit of white caulk fixed the joint problems. I gave it a day to dry then attached it to the ceiling with some screws.

Altogether, it took maybe an hour or two and cost just $3. I'd say it adds a nice touch to the bathroom. Hmm, I wonder if the landlords will reimburse me for it? I really doubt it. But hey, if they don't, I'll just pull it off on the final walk through and see what they say. That should be interesting.


Brandon Hansen said...

"That will be 50 dollars off your deposit"

ENM said...

How are you doing on getting topics?