Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Broken Office Chair... Again!

Not again! Why can't a good office chair last more than two years without breaking? Remember this?:

This time, my friend was just sitting there, albeit perhaps leaning back a little too far and maybe a little intoxicated, then WHAM! He's on the ground and there is a chair arm flying through the air.

It's the classic 'lean too far and end up ass over teakettle' scenario. Wheels are a nice convenience on an office chair, but they can quickly go from your best friend to worst enemy in a split second. To recreate this incident and warn everyone of the dangers of leaning back too far, I've enlisted the help of a local 3rd grade sketch artist. Here's what he came up with:

Please excuse the simplicity of this illustration. I hope you get the point - DON'T LEAN BACK TOO FAR!

Now, what to do about that arm? Well, first gather up all the pieces; those are probably important.

In this case, three screws along with the arm went flying. The screws actually tore out of the wood, so we'll have to get creative to reattach it, since those screw holes won't work with the screws anymore.

If you can't find the screws, you'll have to go get some new ones from the hardware store. You may need longer ones if this next step doesn't work for you...

Here you can see that the screw holes are torn up. Now I could use longer screws, but I managed to find all three and I plan on making them work.

This picture is actually of me in the process of turning that bracket around. I'm going to use those screws on the other side of the wooden arm support. Genius!

If you have access to a drill, predrilling the holes makes it a lot easier. Otherwise, wrestle them in there.

That's it. You're office chair lives to break again.

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Dan said...

Heh, that chair looks like a serious lawsuit in the making!