Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gifts for the DIY-er Who Has it All

Giving thoughtful, and more importantly, useful gifts can be hard. Heck, I started writing this post because I was straining my brain trying to think up some gift ideas for someone. I'm sure you've had this problem too. Well, I'm here to help. If you're looking for a great gift for a DIY-type person, one of the items below may be just what you need.

The running theme here is that these items should appeal to most every DIY person. I've picked some of my favorite, most useful tools that I either have, or would like to have. Also, they aren't very expensive! Note, I'm providing links because I'm borrowing their product pictures.

Milwaukee Fastback Utility Knife. $10-15

Probably most-every DIYer has a utility knife, but this one has a few added features, such as a gut hook, wire stripper, and easy one-handed opening, that many other knives don't have. I also like the look of the ergonomic handle.

ITP A3 (3-Mode) LED Keychain Flashlight. ~$20

I've had this flashlight for about a month and a half now; it's amazing! I'm very impressed with how much light can be produced from a single AAA battery. Also, it's tiny. The overall size is about as big as a AA battery, but maybe 3/4" longer. It easily fits on my key ring without it getting in my way. Go ahead, call me nerdy for having a keychain flashlight, but I've realized about 75% of the time I need a flashlight, I don't have one handy. Well, now I do. One of these days I'll put up a review on the blog.

Klein 10-in-1 Screwdriver. $10-15

I've written about this screwdriver before, and yet, here it is again. Why? Well, it's a great screwdriver! I've had mine now for over seven years. It's one of those tools that I always know where it is when I need it. I go for it every time I need to drive a screw.

Swiss+Tech Utili-Key. ~$10

HERE is another item I give a lot of praise on the blog. I don't like carrying a pocket knife (in fact, I can't at my day job), so this is the next best thing. I have no doubts about it deserving a precious spot on my keychain, which I like to keep as light as possible (no pun intended).

Smith's Pocket Pal Knife Sharpener

Knife sharpeners can be really expensive, but that doesn't mean they have to be. This one isn't very fancy, and it doesn't look like much, but it does a fine job of sharpening. I used this on my kitchen knives and it worked great. I imagine this could be a good gift for a hunter, too. 

General Gift Ideas
  • Drill accessory kits can be a good gift. I suggest trying to find what the recipient doesn't already have, such as various types drill or driver bits (e.x. spade bits, hole saw, auger, step, etc.).
  • Tool storage isn't very exciting, but it can be well-received. Look for things like tool boxes with added features, such as small pieces storage. 
  • Be careful when considering power tools. Personally, I always put a lot of thought and research into the power tools I buy, as they can be a big investment. A power tool give can backfire if it isn't what he or she needs, has been dreaming about, or has incompatible batteries.
Well hopefully this gave you a few good gift ideas. If you would like to share yours, or have any questions, feel free to post a comment and I'll be sure to respond. 

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Orli OSH said...

All very cool to have, but my choice would be the Milwaukee Fastback Utility Knife. A handyman's new best friend for sure.