Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bucket Boss Brand Mug Boss

This last Christmas I bought a few gifts for my DIY-type friends. Well, I sort of lost track of what I was getting for whom, and I ended up with an extra Bucket Boss Brand Mug Boss. This is essentially a miniature version of their popular Bucket Boss storage solution, except this goes on a coffee mug instead of a 5-gallon bucket.

Bucket Boss Brand Mug Boss
I gotta say, this is a pretty clever gift idea. Best of all, it was just about $5. I think it would make a great stocking stuffer, or a good gift for any time of the year, for that matter.


Carport said...

This will make a great gift idea!Thanks for sharing a very useful information.

John @ Our Home from Scratch said...

That's a cool gift!