Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bosch TW12AL Jigsaw Blades and Case

This Bosch jigsaw blade set caught my eye last winter. It looked like a good way to keep my various blades both organized and protected. Well, it took a few months, but I finally decided to buy it.

Bosch TW12AL Jigsaw Blade Set on Amazon.

Let me tell you, this is the Holy Grail of jigsaw blade cases. It has individual blade compartments (prevents blades from rustling around with each other and dulling), magnets to hold them in, and the quality is rock solid. Due to the design, I bet you could run this over with a truck and it would survive (don't ask me for a replacement if you try that and it actually breaks!).

Oh, and the blades are fantastic too. This set comes with a good assortment of wood-cutting blades (no metal-cutting in this set), ranging from thick to thin, and fine to aggressive. This will prepare you for pretty much any wood cutting task I can think of.

As far as value is concerned, I think it's a great deal. The case is just about worth it alone, and the blades make it a no-brainer. Bosch makes great blades and they have a few other sets available, but as far as this case and blade combination, I don't think you'll find a better offering.

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