Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Garage Renovation with SketchUp

Today I'm starting the first of what I expect will be a few posts about a project I'm working on to renovate a friend's garage. Here's a little background. My friends (husband and wife) bought a house a couple years back. It is a bit of a fixer-upper. I've helped them with a few odds and ends, such as fixing part of a staircase, hanging curtains, and, of course, painting. Well, now they're onto the garage.

They have a pretty simple two-car, detached garage. Basically, the current plan is to create a more usable space in one of the bays (they only park one car in the garage) by building some cabinets and a workbench. I'm currently using Google SketchUp to create a rough drawing of a concept I'll be running by them.

Here it is so far:
As you can see, my drawing hasn't progressed very far. Although to be fair, this only took me a few minutes. Personally, I think SketchUp is a great tool for everything from simple relaying of concepts all the way to planning out fairly complex projects.

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