Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Drill Bit Roundup - Part 1

This will be the first in a series of two posts focusing on the wide range of available drill bits. I'm going to start out with the more common types of bits, and move on to some more specialty items in my next post.

I used some macro filters on my DSLR camera to capture these up-close pictures. I apologize for the sawdust on a few of these. I didn't bother to clean them off beforehand.

Twist Bit

Twist bits are the plain vanilla of drill bits. They are cheap, available in a huge range of sizes, and work for most materials. Every handyman should have these in his arsenal.

 Brad Point Bit

These are somewhat similar to twist bits, but they have a sharp point at the tip that helps you align your hole and also keeps the bit from "walking." Don't try to use these on metal.

DeWalt Pilot Point Bit

Similar in function to a brad point bit, DeWalt's pilot point bits help to center the hole exactly where you want it. Compared to brad point bits, I find these to be somewhat more useful since they can be used on metal.

Masonry Bit

These masonry bits have a hard metal tip that acts like a rotating chisel to break apart brick, concrete, and other similar materials. They are best used in drills that have a hammer function. I don't find myself using them very often, but they make a huge difference when drilling into masonry!

Well, that does it for the first part in the series. Stay tuned for the next one!

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