Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ace Hardware Bag Sale!

This weekend my local Ace Hardware store had a bag sale, that is, just about anything that fits in a standard-size paper grocery bag is 20% off!

Check out what I picked up:

- Gorilla Tap duct tape. I don't think you should ever be in a situation where you need duct tape and don't have any.
- Kreg pocket hole wood screws. My fiance got me a Kreg Jr. pocket hole kit for X-Mas. These extra screws will come in handy as I put it to use.
- A pack of cable ties. Generically called zip ties due to the sound they make, these are nearly as handy as duct tape.
- An assorted pack of wood screws. I was going to buy a small parts organizer, but then I noticed they were selling basically the same organizer, but with screws in it, for just a couple bucks more.

I love the Ace bag sales. They seem to do them a couple times a year and they always get me to come in and buy something. Generally, it's a good idea to try to buy things that don't typically go on sale, such as hardware.

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