Monday, February 25, 2013

Old Stanley No. H1249 Hand Plane

The last time I visited home, I mentioned to my dad how I had recently helped some friends install trim for a couple of windows. I told him the job would have been a lot easier if I had a hand plane to make fine-tuned adjustments to the fit of the trim. With that, he jumped up and ran out to the garage to give me this old plane he no longer had a use for.

I must say, it doesn't look like much now. It's dirty, a little rusted, and generally tarnished all over; however, looks can be deceiving as it's basically in great shape. Aside from a little cleaning, all it needs to be brought back to life is a bit of sharpening.

I actually remember using this plane as a kid, but I didn't quite understand how to use it correctly at the time. I recall the blade was as dull as ever all those years ago. Probably the first thing I will do to rehab this tool is sharpen the blade.

One of the cool things about this old plane that I now appreciate as an adult is that it was made in the USA! As more and more tools are now being made in other countries, namely China, it's nice to see a tool that was made here in America.

It took some internet sleuthing  but I was able to figure out who made this plane. There are no labels aside from a spot where an old sticker used to be. The only other identifying mark is "No. H1249" on the blade. Fortunately, that was enough info and an Ebay listing tipped me off that this plane was made by Stanley.

I'm pretty excited to get this plane back into good working order. I think it's awesome that this antique tool will soon be working like new. It's also pretty cool to know that I'll be taking good care of it and it can easily last another 30+ years.

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